BULK – CHROME POWDER Cosmetic Grade (10 PACK)

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Superior Quality COSMETIC GRADE – perfect for your nail enhancements and safe to use on your skin!
Our Mirror Powder is made using REAL SILVER – NO Aluminium!

YES this is the real stuff from the videos that have gone viral!  You will NOT be disappointed.
It’s the highest quality ‘super fine’ cosmetic grade chrome powder we could find for you!

NOTE: 10 grams of this super fine powder fills a 30g container, so this will last you forever. 

Descriptions for use:

  1. Prepare your desired nail shape.
  2. Apply your base gel (for better colour adhesion) and cure.
  3. Apply your COLOUR of choice any gel colour can be used – it will then reflect that colour!
  4. Apply a coat of Non Tacky NO WIPE  Top Coat and cure for 30 seconds. DO NOT CLEANSE  or your Chrome will not adhere.
  5. Use applicator and burnish the Mirror Powder directly onto the non tacky surface, remove any excess powder with your dust brush.
  6. Finish off with a coat of Non Tacky Top Coat or use our Glass Kote‘ Finishing Gel for a strong GLASS shine and cure as per instructions.
    Glass Kote’ must be cleansed to remove the sticky residue.

Done Enjoy Your Bling!

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