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VIXEN ACRYLICS are manufactured using the Highest Quality RAW Materials.
Our super fine powder offers you a controlled medium to fast set with excellent clarity and strength.
It has a prolonged set time which allows for comfortable work-ability and ample self-leveling flow.
Designed for all performance levels – from novice to expert technicians.

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Product Description
Monomers and Polymers are components of a two part system used to create sculptured, artificial nails.

Instructions for Use
PREP nails – Pour a small amount of monomer into your dappen dish or container of choice!
To prep the brush, immerse it in the monomer to thoroughly wet the hairs and remove any trapped air that may result in bubbles in the finished product. Wipe on a paper towel.
To create a bead: dip the brush into the monomer and wipe the excess liquid off on the side of the dish. Touch the tip of the brush into the powder to create the desired sized bead. Allow the monomer to saturate the powder. The bead should be medium sized and have a smooth, round, satin finish. Target nail application described below.

Section 1: To create French White Extensions (for tip overlay, proceed to Section 2)
Place a bead of white on the middle of a nail form of what will become the nail extension.
Begin pushing the product to the natural free edge, working it towards the sides of the smile line.
Lightly brush and pat the product from side to side to create the width, length and thickness of the extension edge.
View the nail down the barrel to make sure the extension is uniform across the nail.
Define the shape of the smile line by shaping the tip of the brush into a point and pushing along the back side of the smile line to tuck the product into place.
This will create a lip that will act as a barrier keeping the pink from being dragged over the smile line.

Section 2: For Tip Overlay
Pick up a medium size bead of powder and place in the centre of the nail plate.
Tap the product gently, moving it towards the cuticle being sure not to touch the skin.
Feather the remaining product toward the free edge. Press the bead to flatten and stroke to smooth. Blend with the nail extension or cover the tip. Continue in this manner until the entire section is covered and smooth.
Place another bead in the middle of the nail, slightly above the smile line. This area will be the highest point of the finished nail and will provide extra support in this stress area.
Flatten the brush and work the product from side to side. Work the product up to, but not over the smile line. (if you are using tips, extend the polymer over the free edge).
View the nail down the barrel to ensure the application is uniform.

Section 3: Finishing
Allow the product to cure completely and then file the nails to the desired shape.
File along the lateral walls of each nail, being sure to line up the cuticle area and free edge.
File along the cuticles using rounded motions and working toward the centre of the nail.
Make sure the nails are thin, even and consistent.
Note: product should be filed thin around the cuticle walls so lifting does not occur.
For a high shine finish apply Vixen Glass Kote – Finishing Gel to complete the nails or continue with your color choice and finish!



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