EURO SCULPT 10g & 20g

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Euro Sculpt is a very high viscosity (thick) transparent pink builder gel that does not flow into the cuticles.

Create’s natural looking sculptured nails. This gel is recommended for use by advanced nail technicians.
This strong gel is great for sculptured nails and is compatible with both Tips and Forms.
This gel is a pretty soft pink color that is self leveling and has easy work-ability. Cures to a clear finish.
Its strength makes it perfect for overlays or free-form sculpting!

Instructions for Use

Apply Base Gel as instructed.
Place a moderate amount of the gel in the centre of the nail, where the C-curve is located.
Work a thin layer of gel in a small circular motion toward the cuticle and extend toward the tip.
Avoid running the gel into the cuticle area.
Leave a slightly thicker layer of gel in the middle of the nail to create the perfect C-curve.
Cure for 60-90 seconds using a LED lamp or approx 3 minutes under a UV lamp.
(If using a lower wattage source, cure for an additional 60 secs).
Apply a thin even second layer of gel over the entire nail surface and cure as instructed above.
Remove tacky layer with wiping solution. File the nails thin at the cuticle and end of nail and broader at the break-point.
Apply Top Gel as directed.

Warning: Must be used over a base gel – DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY ONTO NATURAL NAILS.

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