GEL’O BASE Vitamin Enriched 10g/20g

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GEL’O is a vitamin enriched base gel that contains Vitamin E, B5 and Calcium!

USE ONLY in conjunction with Enamels/Polish or Lacquers

For those who like a more natural feel without the use of acrylic, this is the gel for you!
This strong SOAK OFF gel is used as a base to build and enforce weak and brittle nails.
GEL’O BASE is a unique Gel-Polish Base used to give the natural nail more strength.
Ideal for brittle nails that are too flexible..

Product Description
This Gel-Polish applies like a traditional nail-polish but with excellent adhesion.
Extended wear for up to 2 weeks and soaks off in 5 minutes.
Cure for approx 30 secs in LED/UV.

Instructions for Use
Use a white block to buff the natural nails slightly.
Apply a layer of No-Sacrifice acid free primer for adhesion and cure by air.
Apply a very thin layer of Gel-O and cure.
It is important to apply it thinly or you might not get a full cure.
If additional coverage is desired apply a 2nd layer and cure.
Apply your POLISH and then a Topcoat for shine.
This gel is for use on natural nails. Do not use over tips or forms.

Always store your GELS in a cool cupboard away from over head lighting and direct sunlight.

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