glass kote top gel


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Our very own ‘Secret Formulation’  You will not buy this amazing top gel anywhere else!

This Top gel is a medium viscosity gel with a Super High Gloss GLASS Finish that is totally “Stain Resistant”
It’s flexible, self leveling, it won’t crack or peel and has a non-yellowing UV protector added to make your application even better.
Due to our built-in UV inhibitor it will keep your colors looking vibrant & your whites will stay white!
Feel free to tidy around your edges on completion of your nail enhancement  ‘you will not break the seal’.
Cures within 60 seconds under your LED lamp or 2 minutes under a UV lamp (may differ depending on lamp strength)
End Result – We have perfected this gel so it gives your client that Glamorous GLASS Shine for the duration of her in-fills.

Due to the nature of this formulation you will need to give your jar a gentle stir on opening and if not used on a regular basis please gently stir every 2 weeks!

Always store your GELS in a cool cupboard away from over head lighting and direct sunlight.

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