NAIL NURSE Anti-Fungal Solution 30ml

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NAIL NURSE – Anti Fungal Solution 30ml

To inhibit fungal growth – Best in the market!
This is a topical formula that contains TOLNAFTATE an ingredient typically used to treat nail fungal problems.
Can be used as a nail preparation prior to the use of primer.

Nail Nurse can be expected to reduce and sometimes cure the infection, provided that:

  • No more than 50% of the nail plate is infected
  • The growing part of the nail plate (the matrix) is not involved
  • There is no complicating internal disease (such as diabetes) or skin condition (such as psoriasis).

Instructions for Use
The medication should be applied to the surface of the cleansed nail plate after it has been roughened using an emery board. Extra solution should be applied under the edge of the nail.
Cleanse nail plate with warm soapy water and allow nail to dry thoroughly.
For best results apply 2-3 drops under or onto the infected nail.
Preferably use twice a day (morning & night). If conditions persist seek medical advice.

Tolnaftate is a synthetic thiocarbamate used as an anti-fungal agent that may be sold without medical prescription.
Tolnaftate is used to treat nail fungal conditions plus can help in curing jock-itchathlete’s foot and ringworm.
Tolnaftate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Ethyl Acetate and Heptane.

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