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Stir gently before use!

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(3) Excellent Coverage Colors: XTREME – NATURAL – ULTRA
Xtreme White Gel is ideal for creating brilliant white tips and a perfect smile line for French applications. It is self-leveling and does not have a tacky layer after curing.
Natural White Gel is a soft colored gel used to create perfect a natural looking French manicure. This durable, thin top gel is easy to apply, self-leveling and flexible.
Ultra White for bright white tips. Ultra White Gel is our whitest gel used to create perfect white French tips. This durable, thin top gel is easy to apply, self-leveling and flexible.

Perfect shades to cater to your clients preference with their French look.
Apply one or more coats as needed, if you need to correct your French line even after it sets in your lamp you can apply a second layer on top and it will fill in any imperfections.
These gels are thin and easy to apply free hand without having to sculpt your smile line or worry about it setting before finishing your smile line (as would be the case with acrylic)!
This gel is designed so that you don’t ever have to take off your existing work to the bare nail bed in order to do a French infill.
Our French Gels will leave your clients with a classic look they will keep coming back for!
French gel is durable, easy to apply with self leveling and flexible characteristics.
Does not have a tacky layer after curing.

Instructions for Use
Prior to application – Stir your pot gently, try not to incorporate air bubbles into the product!
If bubbles form the material has been stirred to aggressively, or applied too thick (entrapping air).
To remove air bubbles from your gels is an easy fix:-
Place 1.5 cm of BOILING WATER into a shallow dish.
Replace the lid tightly and sit the jar in the hot water bath for approx 5 mins.
This allows the air bubbles to rise, then your gel is ready to re-apply
(be careful not to allow any water to seep into the jar).

Finish the artificial nail to the desired shape and length.
Apply a coat of Clear or Cover Base and cure..(read instructions on individual listing)
Using a gel brush apply a paper-thin even layer of the French Gel to the tip of the nail, shaping the smile line as desired.
Extend the gel over the free edge.
Cure the product for 60-90 seconds in a LED/UV lamp.
If using a lower wattage source or solely UV lamp cure for 2-3 minutes.

Finish with Vixen Glass Kote’ as instructed, this has a UV inhibitor built in to stop any yellowing, cracking, peeling or staining!

Warning – do NOT use this product directly onto natural (bare) nails apply a BASE Gel first.

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